Pattern Development Cut off strips
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Pattern Development Cut off strips

Process = Outcome

As designers we are asked to deliver innovation that solves problems and enriches life. It is expected that there will always be an accessible solution that can magically be implemented, or that can transform a company, business and customers. The truth is that the best design can deliver is a portion of any given outcome. … Continue reading


Life is Design

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. -John Lennon Design… A method, a process, a way of looking at the world and a way of leading a life. Nothing is more satisfying than design in all its facets. Even when it takes elbow grease to get it done, it gives … Continue reading


Pop-Up on the Pop-Up Basket: Part III Prototypes

Model making can only take you so far. The next step is to take all those chunky cardboard models and refine them further until they are ready to be made into prototypes. Once we feel comfortable with the final models we begin the prototyping process. Sometimes we make one and sometimes it takes a dozen … Continue reading


Pop-Up on the Pop-Up Basket: Part II Models

First comes research, then comes concept development! This is the part where we start sketching, modeling and developing concepts from all observations collected during the research phase. At this point in the process we narrow down the scope of our brief for the first time and start thinking about what would be practical to manufacture … Continue reading


Pop-Up on the Pop-Up Basket: Part I Research

The design process at MIO starts with lots and lots of research. This is where the fun begins, as far as this first post is concerned anyway. In order to design anything we go out to the world and take a second look, the way children do when they see something for the very first … Continue reading

Simple Tech

For the past few years I have been discussing with some friends (privately) the need to incorporate certain technologies into our work to create product experiences that are more use-centric or user-defined. It has generally extended only to more expected uses of technology like using web tools as a platform for idea exchange or aesthetic … Continue reading

Loop Cuts!

Loop Cuts!

Cut and sew what a wonderful way to transform anything. Below is an inside look at MIO’s first incursion into the world of the wearable. Below some development images and a few of the prototypes that get our blood going:

East & West, Not East vs. West

The tension has been brewing, the rhetoric has been building and the reality has been ignored by both sides. I am of course referring to relations between China and the US (both directly and through surrogates). The reality is that both countries NEED each other but don’t want to accept this reality, and are unwilling … Continue reading

Editing: Design by Numbers

Like contemporary musicians the job of the designer is to edit and single out the most powerful combinations. By combinations I mean design choices that have the greatest social, environmental and aesthetic value / impact. In an age when virtually any product imaginable has been designed and redesigned countless times, our role has been transformed … Continue reading

MIO For Target

MIO For Target

Reviewing my last posts I see that there is quite a bit missing here. Specifically our MIO for Target collaboration. Here is a bit about and some behind the scenes (after my blogophobic moment -we can thank Blogger for that-). MIO for Target MIO for Target was launched (a collection of outdoor living products). The … Continue reading

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